10 Colleges to attend if you want to make a lot of money after graduation


While attending a specific college does not guarantee making a lot of money, certain institutions are renowned for providing excellent education and opportunities that may increase one’s chances of earning a higher income in the long run.

Overall, the median annual income for all full-time workers ages 25 to 34 — roughly the age range of those who would have started college 10 years ago — was $52,832 at the end of 2022, Labor Department data shows.

College graduates bring in significantly more than those who don’t finish. Bachelor’s degree holders ages 25 to 34 earned a median annual income of $59,600 in 2020, compared with $36,600 for those in the same age group who only completed high school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

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But going to a prestigious college or university appears to pay off. The five colleges with the highest-paid former students all have median incomes above $100,000.

Here are ten prestigious colleges known for producing graduates who tend to have higher earning potential:

1. Harvard University
2. Stanford University
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5. Princeton University
6. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
7. Columbia University
8. Dartmouth College
9. Duke University
10. Northwestern University (Kellogg)

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It’s worth noting that numerous other colleges and universities also offer outstanding programs and resources, which can lead to successful careers and high incomes.

Additionally, factors such as personal drive, networking, skills, and work experience are important in determining an individual’s earning potential.

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